Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taxpayers Speak Up

A loyal reader of LFR just forwarded an email from some angry taxpayers. The email was originally sent to a legislator. I'm withholding the names of the taxpayer. Here's the message that these taxpayers wanted to send:

For those of you who voted to over ride the governor veto shame on you, especially those of you Republicans who defected. My wife and I are finally at a time in our lives when we can enjoy some of life. But our pockets books are continually being raided by politicians local and national who think we have a money tree in our back yard. Local taxes, city taxes, excise taxes, state income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, county taxes, social security, licenses, gas taxes, car license tabs, stadiums, light rail, where does it stop!!!!!!!!!!! When does it stop!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that I would never consider moving away from Minnesota, but you got me thinking now. It is intirely possible we may retire in some other state. Lives with in your means. When money is tight, we spend less, and make our money work more efficiently, cut where we can. If we need more money we don't steal it from our neighbors, we tighten our belt. I suggest you tighten yours, and stop stealing from us. You guys waste so much.

I think South Dakota has the right idea for both business and residents.

Message to the DFL: If you think that these people won't be motivated to boot your arse out of office, think again. And you'll deserve it. You've pushed through tax increases that the people hate with a passion. Your next move is fairly predictable. I'm betting that you'll try your 'soaking the rich' gambit next. You'll hope that people will get distracted. You'll hope that they'll think that everything's ok now that the rich are getting soaked.

That ploy won't work because John & Jane Public will still remember how they've had their pockets picked by ineffective liberal legislators. They'll remember that the vast majority of GOP legislators supported their right to keep their money. I'll make sure of that.

Rest assured that I'll do my best to fan the flames of their anger. Rest assured that I'll throw some white gas onto those flames, too. Mark Buesgens had it exactly right when he said that the bill was a "compromise amongst thieves."

I've heard lefties like former St. Cloud Mayor John Ellenbecker say that high taxes are needed to buy alot of education & good roads. He cites the Perpich years as an example. Unfortunately, taxes then weren't nearly as invasive as they are now. Take this bill for example.

It's refered to as a gas tax bill. While it's certainly contains an increase in the gas tax, that's only part of the story. It also includes an increase in license tab fees, something that the DFL originally touted as only affecting new vehicles. We learned that that isn't true last Thursday when Rep. Rob Eastlund got Paul Marquart to admit that it applies to any vehicle that isn't registered in Minnesota.

Also included in this bill is a 7- county metrowide sales tax plus a provision that lets county commissions levy a sales tax without putting it up to a vote of the taxpayers.

This is serious stuff. We The People demand that the DFL prioritize spending first before increasing taxes. The DFL hasn't shown one iota of compassion for the struggling small business owner or the retired couple living on fixed income. They haven't shown that they're interested in much of anything other than raiding people's wallets and feeding their special interest allies at the public trough.

The DFL as the Party of the People? Don't make me laugh. They're the Party of the Hog Trough Special Interests.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

In typical Minnesota fashion, once again our representatives have decided to pick our pockets rather than get their own spending under control.

Just how much do they think we'll take. With gas prices already going through the roof they have the unmitigated gall to saddle us with another 8.5 cents a gallon?

It's time we through them out and looked for some genuine conservative representatives.

Those Republicans that chose to abandon us and side with the Liberals should be the very first to go.

It's time that fiscal conservatives band together and take Minnesota back from these theifs.